Friday, August 21, 2009

Jixi Fox Poetry 2 - Frustration

Jixi Fox Poetry 2


By: Jixi Fox

Frustration, who has it?

I do, Yes I do,

But what can I do?

I want more than I am giving,

Tired of losing, I need to be winning,

Tired of being mute, I need to be singing,

So what must I do, a hundred things by myself,

I can do that shit,

I am so sick and tired of me,

I just need to be who I want to be,

Push it, Push it, Push it pass the mark,

Push it pass one hundred, Push it pass two hundred,

Be the cameraman, be the talent in front of the lens,

Edit the scene, Revise the script,

Oh you ain’t write one? Who the hell are you?

You can’t you serious,

Do you like walking around with an anchor chained to your legs?

Maybe you need more strapped on so you can stand still,

And see where you can’t go. Believe in yourself and try,

Break free and feel the freedom and starting running,

Look back? What for, try your best to stay on the straight and narrow,

Unless you want to deal with this frustration again.

© Copyrighted 2009 Jixi Fox™


Collective Lyrics from the Lab by: Jixi Fox

Collective Lyrics from the Lab by: Jixi Fox

Friday August 21, 2009

Lyric: Jixi Fox bout to take off like a plane, land upon a train, smash open your brain, Let my style reign and flow right through your veins, Jixi keep its calm others be insane, Jixi Fox is a problem they can't contain. Jixi Fox, is the future....

Jixi Fox - Lyrical Media Master

Monday, August 17, 2009

B.E.Z. Weekly - The Awakening of Jixi Fox

B.E.Z. Weekly (Episode Series)

The Awakening of Jixi Fox

Episode 1

Good Day my fellow B.E.Z. Followers,

As for this being my first series to be set in production I would like to welcome everyone to take part in the Jixi Fox Universe, as I set out to be the future of the media industry as an independent creative individual. Through my vast knowledge, research over the many years and working behind the scenes teaching and showing others how media works, I missed out on putting myself in the light. I had many responsibilities to cover with my family, and doing the things I promised to satisfy many people, whiling separately creating a legacy in my family’s name that will never be forgotten. Upon finishing college and the various struggles being an immigrant and an independent in this world’s society, I have developed and created a style, workflow and creative sense that can break anyone set before me. I just want to take the time out to thank GOD, my mother and my own hard work and determination that when every door was shut in my face, I was able to develop the most ambitious and chaos free lifestyle upon self discovery & development. I rose to be the greatest and most versatile creative individual in today’s generation in which I now will share with the world. I hope you enjoy, Thank You.

Disclaimer: Jixi Fox does not follow any forms, styles, theories, from anyone else, nor does he fit stereotypes, or create limits for himself, he is a concept transformed into an image of creating innovative and quality media for anything possible, for whoever that wants to be an audience while applying his own logic to his creativeness. Jixi Fox is neither perfect nor believe so, he will make mistakes and welcome them to learn and become the greatest he can be. Even if not recognized for his set contributions to the media world with his creativity, Jixi Fox is going to continue to create media for himself and will never stop. Jixi Fox is the future of entertainment, publishing and media.

With no further ado, Jixi Fox does not like whiners; I hate to hear people whine about this and that. I have encounter people looking for hand outs, and guilty me I have contributed to this occurrence thinking people needs help here and there. I mean even the wealthy people be whining like little girls, or the spoiled kids in high school who got brand new Jordan’s and outfits and sh*t like that for bringing home 65 average report cards, while I was dropping 90’s and above and have to wait 5 yrs for a set of roller blades. I appreciate the struggle and being an immigrant from Jamaica, Jamaica had set me with the tools to rise up and take advantage of all opportunities. So after the struggles have had and how I broke my back to overcome them, when I see or hear people sitting around whining, I leave the area, via most times I want to run up to them and say, “STOP the *%#*&%$ WHINING, man up and go handle your business, DAMN” Yup I keeps it 100, but I don’t curse so editing that out. I say that’s want I want to do though. I do offering encouragement; input and insight via I have gone threw it all and developed a set of solutions and skills to break habits and bad situations. But I would NEVER put myself out financially or in harms way for NO ONE, people need to take responsibility and do things on their own. People please B.E.Z. on the whining, it’s not cool.

I use to believe in the notion that the news is usually right and give very good insights. But nope the News is a bunch of liars, fakes, and blood suckers. With the rise of blogs, rumors and gossip media companies, to me they are all the same. One of the worse ones is the weatherman. When I say weatherman I am not discriminating that there are not any female weatherman personnel, they are included as one. Anyways they are many days I watch the weather on TV and he reports rain, snow and all this other stuff and I cancel plans to enjoy my simple life, and I look outside through the window and it’s bright and sunny. I be here stuck on the notion like hey, it’s going to rain. If a friend calls or so you cant help but say the same foolishness. Come on people you know you have done it or still do it. But NO more, the weatherman only PREDICTS the weather. I will be the judge; I will stick my head out the window and make up my own mind. Now of course I am going to apply some common sense, if you see clouds and dark clouds as for that, I might consider grabbing an umbrella and l a l a AAA my butt out the door and enjoy my freaky life. Go outside people and enjoy the world, life is short or could be short. I don’t want to hear you say, “Man, I should have gone out, it didn’t even rain” because you would have now become a whiner, STOP WHINING.

B.E.Z Review Lessons

Lesson 1: Whiners stays away from me, and B.E.Z.

Lesson 2: But always believe the weatherman, he only predicts the weather.

Situation Note: When you see someone whining, go to them pull to the side and tell them, “B.E.Z.”

Copyrighted 2009 Jixi Fox

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Jixi Fox Poetry 1 – Round One

Jixi Fox Poetry 1

Round One

By: Jixi Fox

A swing and a miss,

I come in closer,

Aiming with percussion,

Another swing and a miss,

Why I am missing my target?

Stop freaking moving, STOP!!!!

I am just trying to knock your head off that’s all,

Stop trying to duck the pain that I am trying to deliver,

Stand up and take it like a man,

Man up, Man the hell up!!!

I am not here to be dancing around this ring with you,

I want to take your head off with a mean right hook,

Something you can see coming directly at you but can’t avoid,

Ok, keep on ducking and weaving, I am going to get you sucka,

Wait your round two and you will see.

© Copyrighted 2009 Jixi Fox™