Sunday, April 4, 2010

The FOX is In...Roger That.

Jixi Fox dial it in. JIXI is BACK...ummm Roger That.

It's about to be ON!!!

Hey all my friends everywhere, Jixi is surely ready to give you what you have always wanted, PERSPECTIVES and FUN...Let's Go. Follow me on Twitter ( and peep my twitpics for here I am, ready for the world. Yea.

- Jixi

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool Aint Kool When You Older

People sometimes want to play jokes and tricks and think april fools is the day to do so, but they are so wrong. So you trying to tell me there is a day designed to say something ridiculous and at the end of the day or whatever and say awwww I got you, april fools!!! Pretty much lie and then tell the truth fudge all that, Imma take that as a lie and I am going to find a day in the year and make it a day to lie and tell you its was lie day, but here is the truth like a week later. I am happy no one tried that with me, because I would off went off on them.